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Welcome to Master Maids

Welcome to Master Maids LLC. We hope you’ll take a few moments to view our website, meet the staff and
answer any questions you may have. Having been in the residential and commercial cleaning business for almost 2 years, we have developed and
excellent reputation for quality, honesty and reliability. By continuously improving our procedures and having trained and motivated team members,
we are committed to a safe and healthy working environment. We also respect our client’s privacy in their home or
office and respect our environment by using earth friendly products.

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Take a few moments to view our website, meet the staff and get answers for any question that you might have. We have been in the residential cleaning business for a long time and have performed with an excellent reputation for quality, honesty and realiability.

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Quality and Safety

Residential Cleaning

Master Maids offers high quality residential cleaning services delivered by a professional, well trained, and trustworthy staff. You can relax knowing that our team is dedicated to meeting...

Commercial Cleaning

The cleanliness of your office is one of the first things that your clients will notice when they walk in the door. Make the right impression, by hiring the right people. Master Maids Cleaning

Deep Steam Cleaning

Master Maids provides the steam cleaning service for commercial and residential properties. We understand that every project is unique and requires maximum attention and our specialized...

Parties and After Parties

Let’s face it, we all do. The problem starts when the guests have gone home and you’re faced with the morning after. With dirty glasses, mystery stains and so much cleaning to do...


Master Maids Babysitters are professionals who will ensure that your children are safe and sound when you are away. Our group of dedicated and caring maids will be able to provide your child...

Move in and Move Out

Often people neglect to do the cleaning pre-moving in and post-moving out. This is done so because this process would be the last in any of the lists that they had created to complete the process of moving.

After Construction Cleaning

Master Maids provides the after construction and renovation clean-up for commercial and residential properties. We understand that every project is unique and requires maximum attention...

Exhibition Stand Cleaning

We dispense absolute cleaning of exhibition stand and its vicinity, ridding the place of all litter and undesirable materials. Our cleaners are extremely adept and possess extensive knowledge and experience.

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Download our master maid booking service app, straight from Google Play server. All you need to do is click on the link below, and then you can avail a convenient app that lets you access everything from the tip of your fingers. Embedded with the latest algorithms, you can search for anything and get instant results. This incredible App is easy to install and will have fast process on any base.

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Master maids mobile app

Why Our Maids are the Best...!

Impeccable & Earnest in Duty

We have forged our services after long deliberation and careful assessment of our resources and our duties.

Selected for Exceptional Character

We believe that an ideal master maid will have to possess certain key attributes that will make her rise above all the ordinary maids in Dubai.

Most Attractive Prices

Wherever you look, you will find exaggerate prices for the cleaning services in Dubai.We are a customer centric service who will not forego our ethics.

Genuine & Trustworthy

We have most completely placed our survival on the reputation and the brand we have created for being a genuine and trustworthy organisation.